About Us


Baldon Construction and General Engineering Company has been providing construction and general engineering services since 2007. BALDON is incorporated in Kenya and has its main office in Nairobi and Nakuru. The Nakuru office takes care of works in the Western region while the Nairobi office deals with works in Nairobi and Eastern region.

BALDON has been carrying out quality work on schedule and within budget across a wide range of commercial, institutional, residential and industrial projects. BALDON has undertaken various constructions works for Government of Kenya particularly the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Housing Nairobi City Council, Municipality of Nakuru. We have also worked on several private sector entities such as Kenya Commercial Bank etc.

Our core business includes:

  1. Construction of new buildings
  2. Renovation/refurbishment of buildings
  3. General repair and maintenance of buildings
  4. Road works: Construction and repair of paved roads, resealing and re-carpeting, labour based maintenance, routine maintenance, bridge construction and drainage structures
  5. Water Works: Water supply, Sewerage/ Effluent treatment works, Construction of Earth or rock-fill dams, Pumps, Borehole installation and servicing. Retaining Structures (Tanks), Pressed Steel Tanks on Towers, Trenching and backfilling, Pipe laying, jointing and general Plumbing installation and repairs.
  6. Electrical installation and repairs
  7. Landscaping
  8. Supply of General Construction materials and Office equipment